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'Don't be afraid of the Dark' is an 'audio magazine' - ground breaking audio magazine and radio show designed to be topical, easily consumed informative and positive. An antidote to the online disinformation campaigns, unfounded conspiracies and cynical fear mongering. There are bite sized bits of news, trivia, competitions and audience interaction. Also, heavier more challenging content around history, historical figures and conspiracy theory. Hannah takes the hammer to online scammers but also calls out attitudes and behaviours that do not support the human family at its best.

The 'magazine' format is great for a show of both light and shade - listen in a single sitting or comeback to when you have time. The presenter, Richard J Hannah is an award winning Presenter and Entertainer and Internet Broadcast pioneer since the 90s. He balances the fun, the mickey taking and sketches with strong opinion and hard hitting commentary.

New shows at 10PM each Friday during 2021 on seabirdradio.co.uk presented by Richard J Hannah and the team out of Alicante in Spain.

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