Sevengate the oldest fake news story

29 Nov

Conspiracy theorists and misinformation buffs claim that its about 'free speech' .  They say 'prove' yourself but of course we know that an unsubstantiated lie, will traverse the net 6 times quicker than the truth.

17 years ago our host met  a broadcast industry wannabee, who called herself Seven.  It was at Clarion TV a TV Company that Hannah co owned and attending were figures from across broadcasting keen to hear from newbies.  In short the mysterious lady tanked.  She had no idea about TV treatments, offered ideas that were 30 years out of date ( claiming to create  a format that actually had been created in the 1950s - Come Dancing) and she was forgotten.  

Years later whilst live on air  a Seven crony rocks up with a portfolio of crimes that Richard Hannah and companions purportedly committed.  They included the  7/7, Charlie Hebdo and more recently Grenfell Tower. Seven had  even tried to pursue the matter through the courts - it was struck out.  Once exposed the story it was quickly debunked but not before Charles had garnered support from over 50,000 people in the conspiracy community.  Deluded theorists who handed over to Seven hard earned cash so she could 'fight' me and others she accused.  Later in the series we will feature a conspiracy that took nearly two decades to end and explore the world of the conspiracy theorist.  Have your say on!