Covid Denial

29 Nov

Covid denial is a thing!  A minority of normally positive individuals irrationally explaining away an illness that has traversed the world in three months killing thousands.  Its not the usual  fantasists either, which is fascinating.  Even as logic deserts their claims  they claim the right to infect others and not self edit.  Slamming what they call mainstream media, but not holding their own commentary to any standard save "its my opinion" or " Something doesn't add up"

A normally a sane Mum from revealed the extent of the new phenomenon that is the Facebook keyboard warrior.  Not a virologist and normally non controversial she and her friends seemed to be suffering from some form of cognitive dissonance as they deny that Covid was 'as serious as the mainstream media claimed'.  The tired claim that flu kills more ( but refused to say what number of people dying would be enough for her to close the country) despite the fact we have a flu jab.  She claimed lock down killed more people than the disease without providing any evidence - in fact real evidence is alwas conspicuously absent.  This is effectively trolling people with misinformation dressed up as 'opinion'.  This is a thing - facts and experts are dismissed - opinion is king - Have your say on 'Don't be Afraid of the Dark" - Https://